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About Us & How it Works

SelfSelfSelf is a new eBook publishing service aimed at writers of all types. Whatever you may create, be it fiction, non-fiction, short stories or poetry, we give you a platform to get your work out there and available to as many potential readers as possible.

It’s free to sign up and to send your files to us. Once converted and uploaded to our distribution partners, we will pay you a royalty of 85% of the net sales price, which you are free to set yourself within certain parameters (see ´Terms and conditions´). Royalties will be paid quarterly in arrears. This may mean a shorter or longer wait for your first payment, depending on your date of signup.

We offer no restrictions on genre or content (although short stories and/or poetry must be in collections) and we will not modify or edit your writings. You will own the copyright in your work and are free to remove it from our service at any time, should you so wish.

So what are you waiting for? It´s free to you, we do all the work and you can concentrate on your writing without worrying about file formats, metadata or all the other technical issues that crowd the eBook arena. Head on over to our ‘Publish’ page for more uploading details or simply fill in the form above.

Our Founder

Ben OttridgeSelfSelfSelf was setup and is run by Ben Ottridge, an award-winning digital publishing consultant with over five years experience in the digital arena. After several years with an indie publisher Ben decided to strike out on his own and, having regular contact with writers and authors in his home town of Brighton, opted to launch a new publishing platform for those authors who wanted to publish digitally but simply didn´t have the time and/or technical knowhow. You can keep up with Ben´s activities on Twitter or on the blog.

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Publishing with SelfSelfSelf

It couldn´t be easier to get started with SelfSelfSelf. Simply fill in your name and email address on the form above, attach your file (we accept doc, rtf or odt files) and click send!

However, before you submit to us consider the following points:

  • Has your work been properly reviewed and edited, either by yourself or someone else?

    Having someone outside of your work look it over can be extremely useful, as they can pick up minor errors or formatting issues that might slip through otherwise. Having it reviewed by a professional editor would be the best option; SelfSelfSelf can recommend some excellent editors to you.

  • Do you have a cover image?

    Obviously you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but it certainly helps to attract attention in the crowded eBook market! A well-designed cover will draw people in as well as hint at the content of your writing. If you don’t already have a cover image, SelfSelfSelf has two options available to you. We can either design you a generic cover for free, or you can take advantage of our bespoke cover service, which will cost £20. This is the ONLY time we will ever ask for money from you, if you want to use this service. Head on over to the contact page to get in touch.

Once you’ve considered both these points and you want to proceed, fill in the form and you´ll be on your way!

Once we have received and approved your file, we will return a longer form to you, which contains all the extra details you will need to fill in for us to publish your work properly.

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Contact & Support

If you would like to get in touch with us, be it for general issues, cover design or technical support, please use the form below. Please select your subject from the drop down menu.


Terms & Conditions

We appreciate that there’s a lot to get through but it is important! If nothing else, please read clause 6 regarding pricing and payment, which we are sure you would want to know about…

  1. 1. Warranty and indemnity

    1. (a) The Author shall warrant that the works are original works, that they do not infringe any existing copyright or trademark, and that they contain nothing libellous or defamatory.
    2. (b) The Author shall indemnify SelfSelfSelf against all damages, costs, charges, loss, injury or expenses resulting from any breach by the Author of the warranty [Clause 1. (a)] or to which SelfSelfSelf may become liable in respect of any actionable matter in the Book.
    3. (c) References to ‘the work’, ‘the eBook’ or ‘the Book’ refer, for the purposes of these conditions, to any books submitted by the Author that are published as eBooks by SelfSelfSelf.
  2. 2. Content

    1. (a) (i) SelfSelfSelf is open to all content of any genre, fiction or non-fiction. However, SelfSelfSelf reserves the right to refuse to publish any work it deems unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.
    2. (ii) Special conditions: Erotica. SelfSelfSelf publishes erotica, however it reserves the right to refuse publication of material that contains graphic images (either illustrations or photographs) or contains illegal acts (e.g. involving children or underage minors). Authors should also be aware that the distribution network for these titles will differ slightly from non-erotica, as some distributors refuse to carry such material.
  3. 3. Term and territory

    1. (a) The Author hereby appoints SelfSelfSelf as non-exclusive distributor of their eBooks throughout the World via any or all eBook websites. Since these terms of agreement with SelfSelfSelf are non-exclusive, the Author is free to publish, license, market and sell their work elsewhere so long as the Author is not violating another agreement or violating any laws.
    2. (b) SelfSelfSelf will make no charges to the Author for the conversion and uploading of eBooks.
    3. (c) The Author is not authorized to independently sell or distribute file conversions generated by SelfSelfSelf outside of the SelfSelfSelf distribution network without first receiving written permission from SelfSelfSelf (i.e., you cannot use SelfSelfSelf as a free file conversion service so you can sell the files elsewhere). You acknowledge that if you violate this requirement, you may forfeit any accrued earnings at SelfSelfSelf, and your eBooks may be deleted without notification. However, the Author is entitled to a copy of their eBook in a format of choice for their own personal use.

Production of eBook files

  1. 4. The Author undertakes to:

    1. (a) Make available to SelfSelfSelf all appropriate text and image files for each proposed eBook conversion, wherever possible.
    2. (b) Advise SelfSelfSelf of any territorial restrictions that may apply to each title.
  2. 5. SelfSelfSelf undertakes to:

    1. (a) Convert the Author’s source files into files of the right format and size, removing printer’s marks where necessary, stitching separate chapter files together where necessary and adjusting the compression levels to create an eBook of a suitable size. Titles will be adapted into Mobi (Kindle), ePUB and PDF files wherever possible.
    2. (b) Publish the Author’s title as it is delivered to us, and to not edit or modify the title. Certain modifications may occur caused by the eBook conversion process. SelfSelfSelf cannot guarantee accurate preservation of the original title’s formatting.
    3. (c) Pay for any direct subscription costs associated with any eBook websites that are not related to specific eBooks or eBook sales. However, SelfSelfSelf reserves the right to choose which websites shall sell the Author’s eBooks and may withdraw any or all of the Author’s titles from a website at any time without notice if the costs of selling via that website become nonviable in SelfSelfSelf’s opinion.
    4. (d) Enter the Author’s title information from data supplied by the Author.
    5. (e) Upload the eBook files and cover image onto each website, ensuring security settings (DRM) are applied and territorial restrictions listed where appropriate.
    6. (f) Complete the conversion and uploading of each of the Author’s titles within 1 month of receipt of the appropriate files.
    7. (g) Do its best to deal with any technical problems that arise, but if the conversion of an eBook from files supplied by the Author is in SelfSelfSelf’s opinion not possible for technical reasons SelfSelfSelf shall not be obliged to convert that title. In such circumstances SelfSelfSelf shall inform the Author and request alternative files, and if no solution can be found then the failure to convert and upload such files shall not constitute a breach of these conditions.
    8. (h) Repair any errors or omissions made by SelfSelfSelf in the creation, uploading and registering of the Author’s eBooks within 30 days of receiving written notice of such errors from the Author. SelfSelfSelf shall not be held liable for any loss or damages arising as a result of any such errors or omissions.
    9. (i) Instruct the third party websites to remove from sale any eBooks for which the Author no longer holds eBook rights within 30 days of receiving a written request for such removal from the Author.
  3. 6. Pricing and payment

    1. (a) The Author may set the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the eBook at one of the following levels: £1.99/$2.99, £2.99/$4.99, £3.99/$5.99 or £4.99/$7.99 (where £ represents Pound Sterling and $ represents US dollars). Alternatively the Author may leave the pricing decision to the discretion of SelfSelfSelf. These levels have been chosen following extensive research into pricing by SelfSelfSelf; should the Author wish to choose a price not covered here, it shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    2. (b) (i) The Author will be paid 85% of the net income received by SelfSelfSelf. Net income is defined as the sum that is actually paid into SelfSelfSelf’s bank account by the third party retailers on account of eBook sales made.
    3. (ii) Please be aware that due to VAT and other local taxes, the RRP entered on each distribution partner by SelfSelfSelf may be lower than the level as chosen by the Author.
    4. (iii) The percentage of sales taken by our distribution partners varies from site to site and so the amount paid to the Author will also vary depending on where the sale has been made.
    5. (iv) Some websites may discount titles at their discretion.
    6. (c) SelfSelfSelf will e-mail to the Author a statement of money received from sales during the previous calendar quarter, and will pay the Author by direct bank transfer, Paypal or cheque on the dates specified in clause 6(e). All applicable taxes and deductions that have been made by distributors [see clause 6(b)] will be fully detailed in the statement.
    7. (d) Where SelfSelfSelf receives payment in US$ or other non-UK currency, the exchange rate prevailing when the money is converted by SelfSelfSelf will be that which is applied to the Author’s statement.
    8. (e) Payments will be made to the Author four times a year, on the following dates:
    9. 30th June (for monies received in the period 1st January to 31st March)
    10. 30th September (for monies received in the period 1st April to 30th June)
    11. 31st December (for monies received in the period 1st July to 30th September)
    12. 31st March (for monies received in the period 1st October to 31st December)
    13. (f) If, for reasons beyond their control, SelfSelfSelf is not paid on time for books sold, they will not be liable to the Author until that money is received by them. They will, however, do their best to obtain prompt payment in all cases.
  4. 7. Actions for infringement

    1. (a) If the Author considers that the copyright in the work has been infringed, it will be their decision to initiate legal proceedings. The Author will pay all costs involved, and any moneys which shall be recovered in respect of any such infringement of copyright shall remain the property of the Author.
    2. (b) SelfSelfSelf shall make reasonable precautions to apply security settings to eBook files produced, however it shall not be held liable by the Author if an eBook file is copied and resold illegally by a 3rd party. SelfSelfSelf will however take responsibility for issuing the appropriate takedown and/or DMCA notices where possible.
  5. 8. Rights and Obligations

    The rights and obligations of the agreement shall be assignable to and be binding upon the respective successors and assignees of the said parties, but neither party shall assign benefit of this agreement without the written consent of the other, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, provided, however, that SelfSelfSelf may, without the written consent of the Author, transfer this agreement or any of its rights or obligations to its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates or successors.

  6. 9. Termination

    1. (a) This agreement can be terminated at any time by the Author with 30 days notice in writing by email to hello@selfselfself.com
    2. (b) In the event of termination of this agreement the eBook distribution rights revert to the Author and SelfSelfSelf will pay any monies owed on the due date. Any conversion and uploading work in progress or incomplete at the time of conversion will remain incomplete and any files returned to the Author. All eBooks hosted on third party websites will be deleted. SelfSelfSelf will not be held liable for any failure of third party websites to delete content promptly having been requested to do so.
    3. (c) SelfSelfSelf retain the copyright for the completed eBook files (not the work therein) and shall retain copies for our own records.
    4. (d) Should the Author have chosen to use the SelfSelfSelf paid cover design service, the copyright for the cover shall remain with the Author, who shall be entitled to use it in future publication of the work if they so choose.
  7. 10. Disclaimer

    1. (a) In no event shall SelfSelfSelf be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or loss of income or profits resulting from the use or misuse of the Author’s eBooks by third parties or from the failure of an eBook website to provide normal service.
    2. (b) In no event shall SelfSelfSelf be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or loss of income or profits resulting from loss of data or eBook files by SelfSelfSelf.
    3. (c) The digital rights management systems used to protect eBooks are the products of third party companies and any failure of any such digital rights management system to protect the Author’s intellectual property shall not hold SelfSelfSelf liable for any damages.
    4. (d) Any delay or failure of SelfSelfSelf or the Author to fulfil its obligations under this agreement shall not be deemed a violation of the terms if the delay or failure is caused by an event beyond the reasonable control of the non-performing party. This includes but is not limited to the failure of a third party website promptly to put an eBook on sale on its site having received all necessary files and information from SelfSelfSelf and the failure of a third party promptly to remove a title from sale having been instructed by SelfSelfSelf to do so.
    5. (e) Some eBook websites require that a small portion of the eBook be available for free viewing for browsing customers. Any pages or sections of text made available for free viewing shall not be interpreted as a violation of the Author’s copyright or intellectual property.
  8. 11. Confidentiality

    Both parties agree not to disclose to any third parties any confidential information received from the other and agree not to use any confidential information received for any purpose other than for carrying out the obligations and duties of this agreement.

  9. 12. Arbitration

    Any unresolved dispute shall be submitted to arbitration by an appropriate arbitrator, and the findings shall be binding upon both parties.

  10. 13. Jurisdiction

    This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

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